Individual Solutions made by Sölker Marmor

From ancient historical monuments to ultra modern edifices, architects strive to bring something new to every project, something that inspires and adds value in equal measure. Sculptured from ancient stone extracted in the Austrian Alps, Sölker marble fits the bill on both counts.

Every piece is an exclusive, one-off design moulded by Mother Nature and hand-crafted in our high-tech state-of-the-art factories to meet the most demanding of architectural specifications. Our modern machine park houses 5-axis diamond head CNC milling machines capable of transforming this toughest of materials into any shape or form the human mind can conceive.

At Sölker Marble, we do more than supply. We work closely with architects to fulfil their requirements, aiding in the planning and design process to guarantee continuity from start to finish and making sure the final result meets expectations. Our reputation is built on finding creative solutions on an individual level, whether that’s a single piece for a private home, outfitting a spa & wellness centre or a complete refit for a group of hotels. Whatever size, shape, form or quantity you need, Sölker has the experience and expertise to deliver.

Our in-house designer works hand in hand with architects to fashion bespoke creations that complement any style, from the traditional to the most contemporary. Each piece is a unique work of art in its own right, the perfect mixture of luxury and longevity guaranteed to add a touch of class to any environment. Their strength and robustness mask an underlying sophistication, one that can only be truly appreciated by coming into contact with the silky smooth surfaces and sleek designs. And because no two pieces are the same, these exclusive products reflect the diversity and complexity of nature itself, giving you the opportunity to stamp your individuality on any project in a way that few other materials can do.